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Tragedy in the Holy Land: The Second Uprising

Written by Warren Leming, Denis Mueller, Chris Geovanis

Directed by Denis Mueller



No conflict has so dominated the American media-as the Palestinian insurrection and Intifada. From its beginnings as a modern state Israel's legacy, and US manipulations, have been central to the Arab world's problems with US foreign policy.

From the Irgun and the King David hotel bombing, to the expulsion of the Palestinian populations, to the Six Day War and the complicated geo political consequences of armed struggle, Israel has remained a difficult partner and the dominant factor in American policy. A policy often driven by dysfunction.

The tortured history of the US and its major Middle Eastern ally are a complicated and dangerous tale. The results of the partnership and this analysis are both chilling and provocative.





 Korea: MacArthur's War:

Written and Narrated by Warren Leming, Directed by Denis Mueller

General Douglas MacArthur was a deeply flawed reactionary who wound up an American icon. Dismissed for insubordination by Harry S. Truman, MacArthur returned to a hero's welcome in the United States, where he addressed the Congress and made headlines with his," Old soldiers never die, they just fade away," speech.

But for a few fortunate accidents and Truman's impeccable timing, the General might have become the first American Ceasar. Fate had much in store for MacArthur, and he was quick to see, as have many after him, that publicity and media attention are the keys to military and political success. A detailed look at an extraordinary career-and the man who carefully made himself a myth, and then self-destructed, outplayed by a wily politician from Missouri named Harry Truman.



J. Edgar Hoover: The Great American Inquistions,

Written and narrated by Warren Leming, directed by Denis Mueller

(MPI Video)


Directed by Denis Mueller and narrated and written by Warren Leming, The Great American Inquisitions details the role of FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover in co-opting American justice and creating a National Security State. Hoover began his career planning and leading an attack on the American Left in 1919. The Palmer raids were unconstitutional but served to suppress and exile progressives. Hoover, a master politician and strategist made himself indispensable to those in power, and broke his enemies at will. Enemies he often chose and created.

Startling original footage of the Chambers-Hiss hearings; wartime footage of Hoover in action; and a prescient analysis which will not be seen on corporate television.

The beginnings of America's retreat into covert action, isolation, and HI-Tech Imperial adventure.



Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr:

Written and narrated by Warren Leming, directed by Denis Mueller (MPI Video)

The killing of Martin Luther King Jr. remains an enduring and troubling mystery. There is significant evidence that King's most powerful opponent was the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover had King's personal life rifled for negatives; tapped his phone; and was said to have sworn to "get" King.

Although James Earl Ray confessed to King's murder, it appears that Ray was being "run" by sources with possible links to the CIA, FBI, and a host of Right Wing organisations infiltrated by Federal agents.

The tape includes footage of King speaking and many interviews with people close to both sides of the King killing. A must see for anyone interested in America's long battle for racial equality. A penetrating analysis of the Security State operations which targeted the man who remains one of the great figures of the 20th century.




The Nazi's: Rommel

Written and narrated by Warren Leming, directed by Denis Mueller

(MPI Video)

Erwin Rommel changed the nature of 20th Century armoured warfare. Rommel, whose Afrika Corps became legendary, was a German war hero who, following an attmpt on Hitler's life in 1944, was given the choice of suicide or firing squad.

The Nazi's: Rommel, was written and narrated by Warren Leming and directed by Denis Mueller. It features footage of Rommel's campaigns in Europe and Africa, and frames Rommel's strategic genius in the context of Hitler's incomprehension and failed strategic understanding.




The Assassination of JFK

Written and narrated by Warren Leming and
Cal Davidson, directed by Denis Mueller

(MPI Video)

Kennedy remains the most popular of the American presidents of the 20th century. His good looks, beautiful wife, wit and tragic death at the hands of unknown assassins made him a legend whose legacy continues to grow. Kennedy's murder remains the great unsolved crime of the century.

The dvd, directed by Denis Mueller and narrated and written by Warren Leming contains alarming new evidence that Kennedy was the victim of renegade CIA agents, American mafioso, Cuban Right wingers, and sources well positioned within the US government. The Kennedy case will be with us for the forseeeable
future, and Mueller and Leming are currently working on a follow-up version, soon to be released in Europe: The Kennedy File.



Axis of Evil

Narration and music, Warren Leming, directed by Carmine Cervi

(BulletProof Film) 


Axis of Evil, (2004). directed by Carmine Cervi, with narration and music by Warren Leming features interviews with Daniel Ellsberg, Matha Nussbaum,Howard Zinn, Bernadine Dohrn, James Weinstein, Geffrey Stone, and a Who's Who of American thinkers and radicals.

Based initially on an essay: The Angel of Evil, by Warren Leming, Axis of Evil was produced by Bulletproof Film in association with activist Jim Swanson.
A striking analysis of the Bush regimes use of "evil" as a political tool with which to defame and stigmatise its enemies. A chilling look at what fundamentalist religious concepts do to democratic discourse. Should be seen by anyone interested in the disastrous directions taken since Bush Jr. came to power.

A fascinating blend of essay, analysis, interview, commentary, animation, and footage.




Algren's Last Night 

Written by Warren Leming and directed by Carmine Cervi

Algren's Last Night is an award winning short which chronicles Nelson Algren's last night in Chicago, the city which Algren made his trade. Algren left Chicago in the late 1970's, never to return (he died and is buried on the East Coast.)

Warren Leming knew Algren and is a founder of the Nelson Algren Committee in Chicago ( The film contains some stunning visuals of the city, and a narrative track detailing Algren's last impressions of the city he loved and loathed in equal measure.

Produced by Bulletproof Films.




 The Brecht Document: (1986)

Written, narrated and produced by Warren Leming for Labor Beat (cable television).


The life and history of Germanys greatest anti Fascist writer, and arguably the greatest playwright of the 20th Century. Includes footage shot in the former German Democratic Republic.

Shot by Warren Leming and cameraman Dave MacBryde in Berlin in the mid 1980's, the Brecht document traces the career of the German poet/playwright Bertolt Brecht from his beginnings in Augsburg, to his years in Hollywood during Wolrd War Two, to his return to Eastern Germany and his creation ( with Helene Weigel) of the world famed Berliner Ensemble.

Original songs, scenes and dramatisations by Leming, featuring original footage of Brechts homes in Berlin and Buckow. Interviews and commentary. For info-and to obtain video:


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